About Our Company

The fabric of our company is built on innovation, competence, flexibilty and transparency. We look for long-term, collaborative relationships with our clients.

WTSN projects

We are a group of creative problem solvers, designers and web professionals striveing for excellence in web development. You can expect the followings:

  • No hidden costs
  • Flexibility and full transparency
  • Inventive and intuitive design
  • Legally compliant websites
  • 24/7 contact policy
  • Clear communication

About our process

Take a look at our project implementation process. While the process can have many iterations and other stages, this should give you an idea about our workflow.

  • 01. Consulting

    We will do everything to understand your project needs. Assessing the budget and timeframe is key at this stage.

  • 02. Assessing functionality

    We aim to establish a comprehensive list of functionalities and a detailed explanation of the business logic.

  • 03. Design process

    We will work with you to come up with a design proposal that fits your brand identity and your industry.

  • 04. Site development

    Our team of experts will work hard on the technical implementation of your project. Full transparency can be expected.

  • 05. Testing

    We will undertake the required usability, interface, performance, security and compatibility tests on your website.

  • 06. Launch and training

    Our job does not stop at deploying your website. We will provide additional training and support for your business.

The tech stack we use

We work with many top-notch technologies and constantly increase the company's skill-set. For more details please contact us! We are happy to talk about tech stuff.

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Maria DB

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Node JS

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Mongo DB

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Grav CMS